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Why you MUST try this IRISH WHISKEY ROOT BEER FLOAT from Cleo Coyle

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An ice cream float with whiskey? YES! The Whiskey Root Beer Float is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. It's astonishingly delicious, and my husband and I highly recommend it for your happy hour joy. 

While you might not think of serving a kid's ice cream float to adults at a cookout, or to dinner-party guests as an "impressive" dessert, Marc and I are about to give you good reasons to consider it.

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Irish Whiskey Steak Recipe for St. Patrick's Day from author Cleo Coyle

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Inspired by the ingredients of Irish coffee, my husband and I married whiskey and java in this recipe for an outrageously delicious marinade. 

The coffee accents the earthiness of the beef, which stands in contrast to the spirited brightness of the whiskey. 

The combination creates the kind of complexity that gives beautiful flavor, a finish so good you won’t need steak sauce, just a thick slice of bread to sop up every bit of those sizzling steak juices on your plate.

To download the recipe now in a free PDF, click here.

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