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Frito Shepherd’s Pie from Cleo Coyle #glutenfree recipe

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Our readers may recognize this pie from our 13th culinary mystery, Billionaire BlendIn the book, Detective Mike Quinn tells the story of solving a homicide with members of the NYPD Bomb Squad (historically known as the Italian Squad). 

When the case is done, members of the squad take Quinn to a pub for a night of Frito Shepherd’s Pies and Irish Car Bombs (the kind you drink). Well this is the very pie that Detective Quinn enjoyed. 

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~ Cleo

Ham Salad: A Great Use for Leftover Holiday Ham by Cleo Coyle

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Ham Salad made fresh is absolutely delicious. Yes, it's a little old fashioned, but sometimes the old recipes are the best, especially with new twists. My husband and I like to eat our ham salad on water crackers with slices of jalapeno and oil-cured olives. Frankly, it's good enough to feed guests with a glass of wine or champagne. Just call it "American Pate" and serve it with a little smile. To download our recipe now in a free PDF, click here

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