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Why City Chicken on a Stick has No Chicken: A New Look at a Century-Old Recipe by Cleo Coyle #NationalFoodOnAStickDay

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Behold the "mock drumstick" of our (baked not fried)
City Chicken, smothered in a delicious pan gravy.
A century-old recipe bringing comfort food joy...

ne hundred years ago, when you couldn't afford real chicken, "City Chicken" was a tasty alternative, a way to enjoy mock fried chicken drumsticks using meat scraps (pork, beef, veal) from the butcher. 
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Free Recipe PDF.

Different regions have their own take on this dish. Some deep fry the mock drumsticks, others have no breading. My husband's mother prepared it, "Pittsburgh style" (breaded, sautéed, baked, and served with pan gravy). And that is the very recipe I'm sharing with you today, which also happens to be National Food on a Stick Day. City Chicken definitely qualifies.

AND since my husband (and partner in crime writing) has been craving it lately, I thought it was about time I aided and abetted his desire to...

Eat with joy!

~ Cleo

Mysteries of Pittsburgh: How to Make a BBQ Chipped Ham Sandwich by Cleo Coyle

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My husband and I grew up on chipped ham sandwiches, a regional favorite in the Western Pennsylvania area where we (and Clare Cosi, our famous amateur sleuth) were born and raised. The "chipping" or shaving of deli ham is an excellent way to make a less expensive brand of ham more tasty. 
To learn more and get the insanely easy recipe for a Barbecued Chipped Ham Sandwich, 
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