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How to Make Virgin Sangrias and Virgin Mojitos while Amusing Your Cat by Cleo Coyle

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Got overripe fruit? Waste not! This virgin sangria is a nice way to make use of it.

Why virgin? A white wine sangria is delicious, but on a workday, I prefer that my fingers hit my laptop keyboard rather than my forehead, which means no firewater until the day is done. 

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A virgin sangria is also a good idea for households with kids because it can be converted into an adult beverage at the time it's poured, which means one pitcher can conveniently serve drinkers and non-drinkers.

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To continue reading this post and see how I amused my cat (and get the recipe for Virgin Mojitos) scroll down or click here or on the Read More link below...

Tale of the Virgin Mojito and My Cat Mr. Fellows' Bad Nip Trip by Cleo Coyle

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Mr. Fellows. One of my many
rescued New York strays.
Nip free and lovin' it!

Why I drink Virgin Mojitos!

I'm a cheap drunk, meaning very little coin at the bar will get me loopy.

I'm sure this isn't much of a revelation to anyone aware of my passion for the most classically sobering of beverages (i.e. coffee, which I normally take via an IV drip beside my writing desk).

Cocktails are a special occasion thing for me, not part of my daily routine, which is why I came late to the mojito. The drink, which is basically a Cuban mint julep, has been trendy for some time now, but I only got around to trying one a few years ago. 

Well, let me tell you, it was love at first sip! But as I continued to drink them, a pattern emerged. 

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Virgin Mojito recipe
and free PDF.

A short time after drinking my little Cuban friend, I started feeling annoyed, antsy, even argumentative. Was I imagining it? 

I couldn't help thinking of one of our rescued stray cats. My husband and I took in Mr. Fellows when he was a very tiny kitten. He loves us. We love him. And he's about the most pleasant, even-tempered, genuinely happy feline in our house. BUT...get a little catnip into this puss and he starts to growl and proceeds to pick fights with every furball who passes his paws.

So I'm thinking maybe Mr. Fellows and I have something in common! Sad but true...