Cleo Coyle's Cuppa Joe Mocha Drops

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My recipe for you today is a decadent chocolate frosted brownie-like cookie kissed with the sultry note of coffee. 

While I was growing up, bountiful trays of cookies, baked by the women of my family, were a beloved and expected addition to our Italian-American wedding feasts. 
Of course, in Italian culture, cookies aren’t just eaten at special occasions. Pizzelles, sesame cookies (see my recipe in Decaffeinated Corpse), pignolis, amaretti, biscotti (see my recipe in Latte Trouble), and many other kinds are enjoyed at all hours of the day: at breakfast with cappuccinos, in the afternoon with an espresso pick-me-up, or after dinner on an elegant dessert dish...

Two of my favorite Italian cookie recipes are included in the Recipes and Tips section Espresso Shot. The first is an anginetti, a satisfying treat to have with coffee. Light and buttery with a sweet lemon glaze, they often make their appearance during the holidays, and the (optional) sprinkle of nonpareils (confetti in Italian) over the glaze makes them an excellent wedding cookie, too.

Baci di Romeo or Romeo’s Kisses (isn’t that the greatest name for a wedding cookie?!) is another of my favorites: Rich chocolate ganache seals the kiss of two delicious, almond-flavor cookies. My recipe for Baci di Romeo is included in Espresso Shot, too. So for today, I'm bringing you another...

I created this cookie a few months ago for the "customers" of my own *virtual* coffeehouse.

My Cuppa Joe Mocha Drops may not be Italian, but they were invented by an Italian-American cook (me!) and they make use of an ingredient Italians love to put to use in sweet confections, like tiramisu—of course, I’m talking about coffee, java, bean juice, nectar of the godesss caffina! So click the link below to get my frosted mocha cookie recipe and Eat with Joy!

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