Our Secret Family Recipe: Butter on a Stick by Cleo Coyle

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Marc, my beloved husband and partner in crime-writing, never knew his Great Aunt Felicity, but he grew up hearing about her fabulous secret recipe. Today we're sharing it with all of you: Butter on a Stick! 

Like puff pastries, croissants, and pies, Butter on a Stick can be made sweet or savory. And you’ll be amazed to learn that something this amazing is a no-fuss treat. Butter on a Stick is so easy, you can prepare it with your kids, or (better yet) have those little freeloaders make it for you!

Meanwhile, enjoy these tempting photo samples, showing you how wonderfully versatile Butter on a Stick can be...

Pictured above is one of the many tasty dessert variations...

Butter on a Stick with Donut Holes! 

You can also try coating the original Butter on a Stick with chocolate jimmies, or rolling it in M&M’s, crushed nuts, or crumbled Oreos. Or simply add marshmallows and Hershey’s kisses for Rocky Road Butter on a Stick! 

You are limited only by your imagination, 
budget, and (of course) your doctor's orders. 

This Easter version of this classic dessert displays the beautifully bright yellows of spring. 

And here's one for Grilling Season...
Bacon-Wrapped Butter on a Stick! 

If you crave sweet with your salty, try Chocolate-Dipped Bacon-wrapped Butter on a Stick with a sprinkling of French Sea Salt, of course. Oh la-la! Other popular savory versions have featured pepperoni, ham, fried chicken tenders, pork kabobs, sausages, mini-franks, and meatballs.

Butter on a Stick with Fruit! Here’s a healthier alternative. Or you can try tofu, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, apple pieces, melon slices, or bananas. 

Butter on a Stick. 


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May your cup forever 
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~ Cleo Coyle 

New York Times bestselling author of
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 with Lots of Highly-Caffeinated People
Who like to Solve Murders.

Yes, this is me, Cleocatra,
enjoying the whipped cream

on my iced latte. 

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